Compatible with ALL WebTV Plus Terminals

Compact Size & Sleek Design: Fits neatly with your WebTV "Plus" in your Home Entertainment Center
Get More from your WebTV!

  • E-Mail Photos to Family and Friends!
  • Post Photos to Online Discuss Groups
  • Display Photos to your Page Builder Website!
  • Compatible with ALL WebTV Plus Units
  • No Software- Just Plug it in
  • Simple One-Button Operation
  • Compact Size- Fits on or near your WebTV

A Quality Hewlett Packard Product

Works with Every
WebTV Plus Terminal!

The HP e-scanner provides WebTV users with full digital image scanning.

The e-scanner gives you the simplest way to scan and share your photos without having a PC or using software. The e-scanner scans with optimized optical resolution and color bit depth for sending your photos as e-mail attachments over the Internet.

With the touch of one button, you can scan photos, drawings and text documents up to 4 x 6 inches- or sections of larger items.

Using the WebTV Plus Page Builder feature, you are able to easily scan photos to your Personal Web Pages.

The compact size and sleek design stacks neatly with the WebTV "Plus" internet terminal in your home entertainment center.

The e-scanner connects in seconds through the WebTV Plus receiver's video input connector and requires no software installation

The HP e-scanner is compatible with all WebTV Plus receivers.

Refurbished to NEW by Hewlett Packard
Price: $109.95 s+h: $12.95 (Total: $122.90)

~ "Refurbished" ~

(Its NOT A Dirty Word!)

When you buy a "NEW" item you have FAITH in its quality because it has come to you from The Factory.

You can have this same FAITH in a REFURBISHED item... It ALSO comes to you from The Factory.

So... What does it mean?

It means The Factory has handled the product twice; Each item is examined INDIVIDUALLY and, if necessary, repaired and RESTORED TO "BRAND-NEW" Condition, given detailed testing and inspection, and then placed back into the marketplace... With a Warranty

Why back to The Factory?

Some stores return merchandise to The Factory that customers have returned to them... Even if the item was never opened. Factories also get merchandise returned to them if a part or instructions are missing. In some cases products are returned due to a problem that appears during the warranty period. As stated above each item is tested, and if necessary restored to Brand-New.

What about WARRANTY?

Most "NEW" products offer a 1 year warranty- which you'll usually never need. Most refurbished items offer a 3 Month Warranty... NOT beacuse they are inferior, or will not LAST AS LONG... but simply because The Factory has already invested more money in the product as a result of having to restore it so they limit the warranty to limit the OVERALL CHANCE that they'll spend even more as the result of a longer warranty.


Famous Brands Have Their Reputations To Uphold... NOTHING Leaves Their Factories Unless They Are 100% Certain Their Customer Will Be Happy!

~ "Refurbished" ~

Order With Confidence!

Price: $109.95 s+h: $12.95 (Total: $122.90)