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Online business is 'sweeping' the country, and the world!- Here's why YOU should get 'swept-up' into it...

Internet Commerce: Facts, Figures, Quotes
~PLUS, Read What The Experts Are Saying!~

It took radio 34 years to attain 50 million listeners. It took television 13 years to attain 50 million viewers. Yet it took the Internet only 4 years to reach 50 million users!

In 1995, only 4% of Americans used the Internet daily. Just 3 years later, this number had increased to 25%.

According to the U.S.Commerce Department, traffic on the Net is doubling every 100 DAYS.

Jupiter Communications reports that the typical ONLINE shopper in the U.S. has a median age of 33 years, a household income of $89.000, and an 80% probability of having attended college.

Money.Com reports that 45% of web shoppers indentified convenience as their chief motivation to shop online.

60% of shoppers said they shop in their pajamas according to the December 7, 1998 issue of Newsweek Magazine.

Forrester Research projecs that U.S. ONLINE business trade will soar from $43 billion in 1998 to $1.3 trillion by 2003. (The total U.S. economy was $8.5 trillion in 1998.)

The INTERNET is projected to account for over 50% of the total U.S. economy by 2010.

In 'Visions for the New Millenium', Kurt Salmon Associates predicts that non-store retailing will grow from 15% of ALL sales revenue in 1996 to 55% by 2010.

Dell Computer reported over $6million per DAY in sales volume from its web-site and is estimating 50% of their sales from the Internet by 2000.

Internet food and beverage sales will increase fifty times in the next five years.

The Experts Say:

"Internet or Bust! Don't get left in the dust. The smartest companies are using the net to create a whole new way of doing business. Call it the E-Corporation"

"E-Tailers dash to the wild, wild WEB. Entrepreneurs and established merchants alike, emboldened by sizzling holday Web sales, are stampeding to introduce or enhance on-line offerings."--USA Today, 1/13/99

"Consumers are shifting their buying power in favor of the Internet more rapidly than we had anticipated."

"You ain't seen nothing yet. The benefits to the economy of E-commerce are boundless. Internet commerce is not a product but a force--a powerful agent that will transform the way nearly every product and service is created and sold."--Business Week, 6/22/98

" The Wild World of E-commerce. In nearly the blink of a cursor, Amazon has blossomed into cyberspace's biggest consumer merchant, with 4.5 million customers and an expected $530 million in sales this year, up from $148 million last year."--Business Week, 12/14/98

"Once you have created a network of interdependent players, each of whom benefits every time another player is added to the network, you have created a Value Engine."

"(The Internet) is not a rising tide-it's a tidal wave."   --Fortune Magazine, 12/7/98

The Quixtar venture could be to the world of e-commerce what McDonald's has been to franchising or Ford to the automobile industry--a successful model that others will emulate for years to come. And you can assume that Fortune 500 companies, always hungry for advantages in marketing and distribution, will keep a close watch on Quixtar's progress. --Network Marketing Lifestyles 6/99

By the year 2002, it is projected that corporate spending and investment in the Internet by U.S. companies alone will surpass $203 billion. E-commerce is the New World of marketing, and companies around the globe are rushing to be a part of it. At the same time, the mainstream acceptance of network marketing grows rapidly worldwide.--Network Marketing Lifestyles 6/99

Just over half--50.3%--of all households in the U.S. now have personal computers.

By August 1998, an estimated 72 million Americans had Internet access.

An estimated 17 million Americans shop regularly over the Internet--that figure is expected to climb to 58 million by 2002.

On-line shopping in the United States totaled $7 billion in 1998. It is predicted to rise to $41 billion in 2002.

In the United States, corporate spending and investment in the Internet is projected to surpass $203 billion by 2002.

(Above five from Network Marketing Lifestyles 6/99)

"Online shopping WILL OVERTAKE catalog shopping within the coming year...U.S. News & World Report Dec.7, 1998

"200 Million people use the World Wide Web today...500 Million will use it in less than 3 years..."--James Canton (California futurist, addressing UNC School of Business, Nov. 12, 1998)

Fastest growing products: Travel-302%...Music-269%...Clothing-250%...Autos-216%.. .Consumer Electronics-205%--Cyber Dialogue (Note: QUIXTAR will probably offer ALL of these products... each one earning commissions for distributors.)

"The potential of e-commerce is revolutionary in its scope."--AOL Chairman, Steve Case