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~~ Congratulations!!! ~~
I Had Every Confidence In You

You've been cooped up in that dark, frustrating maze for quite a while. Now you have stepped out into this bright place.

Rest a minute. Enjoy the music... Enjoy this place where you are right now... You are one of only a small number of people who ever see this page.

I'm going to ask you to do me a favor before you leave; Please type me an E-Mail in the Instant Messenger below. This has been specially coded to tell me that the message origionated from THIS page, so I'll know you really made it through the maze. When you write please tell me if it will be O.K. for me to use your name and / or your E-Mail nick-name on a "Winners Page"... a page listing those who, like you, conquered the maze. Tell me if you felt the maze was too easy or too hard. If you "cheated", let me know HOW, and offer suggestions to prevent others from doing the same.

Well, I hope you enjoyed yourself. Thanks for your visit and your E-Mail

Bill Steele

"Proof Mailer"

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I Conquered...

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