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Clue-Bot Central

What Is "Clue-Bot"?

"Clue-Bot" is my automated system that allows you to ask for, and receive the clues you may need to complete The Maze.

To Use Clue-Bot, You Must Follow These Steps:

1) Push the "Meet Clue-Bot" button below.
2) Clue-Bot will E-MAIL you Clue #1, so you MUST enter your      E-MAIL address when Clue-Bot asks for it.
3) After you enter your E-MAIL address, hit the "OK" button.
4) Go check your E-MAIL... Clue-Bot is very fast.
5) In The E-MAIL message Clue-Bot will give you CLUE #1, and AN      IMPORTANT COMBINATION CODE you will need to obtain      CLUE #2 (Write that number down)

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NOTE: Hit Your "Back" Key Repeatedly To Continue From
Your Last Position In The Maze