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Deluxe WebTV Lap-Desk Keyboard Holder
(Quantity: 1)

Price: $23.95 s+h: $4.95 (Total Cost: $28.90)
RCA Keyboard
(Quantity: 1)

Price: $19.95 s+h: $2.95 (Total Cost: $22.90)

Dish Brand WebTV Keyboard
(Quantity: 1)

Price: $19.95 s+h: $2.95 (Total Cost: $22.90)

(Quantity: 1)

$29.95 s+h: $2.95 (Total: $32.90)
~ (Refurbished $19.95) ~



Sony (Large) WebTV Keyboard KI-W250
(Quantity: 1)

NEW: $69.95 s+h: $3.95 (Total: $73.90)



"Refurb" Is

PHILIPS (Large) WebTV Keyboard MWK350BK
(Quantity: 1)

Price: $69.95 s+h: $3.95 (Total: $73.90)
TV / WebTV Remote
(Quantity: 1)

Price: $6 s+h: $1.95 (Total Cost: $7.95)
Philips ("Plus") TV / WebTV Remote
(Quantity: 1)

Price: $12 s+h: $1.95 (Total Cost: $13.95)
Sony TV / WebTV Remote
(Quantity: 1)

Price: $12 s+h: $1.95 (Total Cost: $13.95)

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Refunds: For WebTV Internet Terminals refunds must be requested directly from the manufacturer. For all other products refund is limited to the product purchase price with no allowance for shipping either way. W-I-N Associates will not be responsible for incidental or consequential damages caused by our products. Product must be returned to us before a refund will be issued.
Returns: WebTV Internet Terminals must be returned to the manufacturer. For all other products you must e-mail W-I-N Associates and describe the nature of the product malfunction prior to returning a product to us. If you send a product back to us without our prior knowledge we will not accept delivery of that product or issue a refund.

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