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WebTV Keyboards 66% Off Retail!
Wireless WebTV Keyboard
Blowout Price ~
Only $19!
RCA ~Universal~ Works With
All WebTV Brands And Models!

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This top quality universal wireless keyboard is Brand- New... Not Refurbished or Remanufactured. If your keyboard has died or has sticking keys, Now is the time to replace it... or buy a SPARE... at this fantastic low price!

This is the same hard-to-find unit sold in stores for
$49.95 - $54.95.

Our Price: $19 (+ s&h)

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Please Note: There is a Gray colored WebTV keyboard being sold by some dealers, retailing for as little as $10. We were once given the 'opportunity' to buy them in bulk for 50 cents each and we declined. We're told that many who buy these are unhappy with their quality and performance. If you are considering buying one of these Gray Keyboards, may we suggest you ask for opinions in the WebTV Discuss groups before buying one... Rather than take OUR word for it.

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