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Delivers The Internet into your living room! WebTV connects to any TV and a standard phone line. Discover the exciting new world of electronic information, E-Mail, and entertainment!... All without a computer. Six Personalized User Accounts allow up to six family members to have their OWN E-Mail. Hand-Held Remote Control (included) allows you to "Surf The Net" from your favorite chair! Adults can surf in complete privacy... and can choose options to prevent kids from viewing objectionable material. WebTV internet service is a low monthly fee.//// up to six individual mailboxes
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MAT965A 1
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Philips Magnavox Internet Terminal
• Email
Up to six individual mailboxes and a message waiting light
that alerts you to waiting messages
• One button Internet access
Surf the Web with the included remote control
• Excellent picture quality
High-quality picture optimized for standard TV sets
• Easy hookup
Works with any TV and standard phone line; no computer
skills needed
• Parental Control
Helps prevent access to inappropriate Web content, chat
rooms or email
• SmartConnect™
Gives you access to an exclusive Philips website that
provides free Internet services and content
Internet Terminal
For use with the Microsoft WebTV Network Service.
Internet Terminal
Internet Terminal defined
The Philips Magnavox Internet Terminal is a set-top box that coupled
with Microsoft WebTV Network service is designed to solve the
complexities and hassles consumers experience when getting on the
Internet. The Internet Terminal is a no-compromise, high performance
solution that provides easy to use, affordable Internet access wherever
there is a television and a standard phone line.
WebTV Service defined
The Microsoft Web TV Network is a subscription based online service
that provides an easy-to-use gateway to the Internet. It is a unique user
interface that provides added value by packaging specially screened and
selected content and special capabilities to address the information needs
and interests of the consumer marketplace. All content is adjusted for
viewing on a television and the graphics are enhanced for better viewing.
Every time the Philips Magnavox Internet Terminal connects to
the Microsoft WebTV Network, it checks for software updates and
automatically downloads them, keeping users current with the latest
trends in Internet technology. This means that a Philips Magnavox
Internet Terminal purchased in 1999 will still be up-to-date in the
next century!
Ease of Use
No computer skills or special computer equipment are necessary to use
the Internet Terminal. It ships complete with everything you need to get
started-connecting cables and a standard remote control, which allows
users to instantly browse the Internet or access email functions.
Even novices can attach the Internet Terminal to a TV and a standard
phone line, register with the Microsoft WebTV Network Service and
begin exploring the Internet. When a user clicks the power button
on the included remote control, the Internet Terminal will automatically
find a Network phone number, dial to the service, configure itself and
connect to the Internet. The Philips Magnavox Internet Terminal
eliminates the need for the user to dial-up and configure the unit, a
process normally involved with other on-line services.
Unprecedented TV-like Experience
The most striking feature of the Philips Magnavox Internet Terminal
is its ability to present Web pages with stunning clarity. Due to the TV
Lens™ technology, content is extremely clear and readable. This
technology eliminates interlace flicker and enhances the perceptual
image quality.
The Philips Magnavox Internet Terminal connects users to other email
subscribers throughout the world, whether they are using WebTV
Network Service or not! It supports up to six users per household. Each
account can be protected by a password and has a personal Internet
email address, favorites list and customized settings.
MessageWatch ™ technology periodically dials in to see if there is new
email, regardless of whether the Internet terminal is activated and it lights
a “message” LED on the front of the unit to notify the user when new
mail is present.
Parental Control Feature
Parental control software is available for children’s accounts, helping
to prevent access to inappropriate content, chat rooms and email
from strangers.
Technical Specifications
• 150 MHz QED R5230A 64-bit MIPS RISC CPU
• 32K cache (16K instruction, 16K data)
• Powerful graphics processor
• Base memory configuration: 8 MB SDRAM; 4 MB Flash; 2 MB Boot ROM
• *56K V.90 soft modem augmented with patent-pending Lineshare
technology allows incoming calls while WebTV is used on a call-waiting
equipped phone
• Optional wireless keyboard
• Built-in parallel printer port
• Video output: S-video, composite, RF output with optional adapter,
compatible with all television makes and models
• 44.1kHz audio
• Smartcard Reader
WebTV browser (Compatible with HTTP, MIME, HTML 3.2 and virtu-
ally all Netscape Navigator™ 3.0 and Microsoft Internet Explorer™ 3.0
extensions) produces high-quality TV images from virtually all Web pages
Flash ROM auto-update keeps the WebTV browser current with latest
HTML extensions and plug-ins
• General MIDI compatible with enhanced eMIDI instrument download
streaming audio capability
• Supports standard formats including latest GIF89a animation, JPEG
and X-Bitmap
Carton Contents
• MAT965A1 InternetTV Terminal
• Remote Control w/Batteries
• RJ-11 Telephone Line Splitter
• 6' AV Cable, 25’ Phone Cable
• External DC Power Supply
• User Instruction Manual
• Warranty/Registration Card
• Quick Start Setup Guide
• Quick Setup Fold Out
• Quick Reference Card
• Philips Product Brochure
UPC: 0 37849 88447 8
Product Dimensions: 7 .69"W x 7.31"H x 1.75"D
Product Weight: 1 Lb. 10 Oz
Carton Dimensions: 15.25"W x 13.25"H x 4.25"D
Carton Weight: 6 lbs.
Printed in U.S.A.
©1999 Philips Consumer Electronics Co.
A Division of Philips Electronics North America Corp.
KID Design GR99213, Philips Consumer Electronics Co.
Subject to modification without notice
*56K service not available in all locations


Our Price: $49.95 (+ s&h)
With Wireless Keyboard: $69.95 (+ s&h)