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We Offer Two WebTV Keyboard Sizes!

Photo compares "Standard" & "Large" Sony WebTV Keyboards.

Different brands will vary- but comparison will be similar.

(Note: "Large" keyboards are getting scarce. Don't delay in ordering yours.)

WebTV Keyboards 50% Off Retail!
Universal Wireless
WebTV Keyboard
Blowout Price ~
RCA ~Universal~ Works With
All WebTV Brands And Models!

....& Larger Photo

This top quality universal wireless keyboard is Brand- New... If your keyboard has died or has sticking keys, Now is the time to replace it at this fantastic low price!

This is the same hard-to-find unit sold in stores for
$49.95 - $54.95. Our Price: $24.95 (+ s&h)

Please Note: There is a Light-Gray colored WebTV keyboard being sold by some dealers, retailing for as little as $10. We were once given the 'opportunity' to buy them in bulk for 50 cents each and we declined. We're told that many who buy these are unhappy with their quality and performance. If you are considering buying one of these Gray Keyboards, may we suggest you ask for opinions in the WebTV Discuss groups before buying one... Rather than take OUR word for it.

PHILIPS WebTV Wireless Keyboard: MWK122BK
Universal Keyboard
Price ~
Works With All WebTV Brands And Models!

....Click To Enlarge Photo
Top quality PHILIPS Universal Wireless Keyboard. Handy Glow-In-The-Dark feature on several "shortcut" keys. If your keyboard has died or has sticking or worn keys... replace it now at this low price!

This is the same hard-to-find unit sold in stores for
$49.95 - $54.95.

Our Price: $29.95 (+ s&h)

L-A-R-G-E Sony WebTV Wireless Keyboard: KI-W250
Universal Wireless
WebTV Keyboard
Price ~
Works With All WebTV Brands And Models!

....Click To Enlarge Photo
Sony L-a-r-g-e universal wireless keyboard. This popular, hard to find Sony KI-W250 WebTV Wireless Keyboard features a typing surface that is the same size as a computer keyboard. If you are serious about your WebTV, now is the time to replace your standard "mini" keyboard with this LARGER model that is SO much easier to see and use!

Our Price: $69.95 (+ s&h)

RCA Brand L-A-R-G-E Wireless WebTV Keyboard
Universal Wireless
WebTV Keyboard
Price ~
Works With Most* WebTV Brands And Models
(& with UltimateTV)

....& Larger Photo

RCA L-a-r-g-e Universal Wireless Keyboard. This larger model WebTV Wireless Keyboard has become nearly impossibe to find!... Features a typing surface that is the same size as a computer keyboard. If you are serious about your WebTV, now is the time to replace your standard "mini" keyboard with this LARGER model that is SO much easier to see and use! Our Price: $59.95 (+ s&h)
* May not work with
Philips OLD Classic- MAT960

Lap-Desk Keyboard Holder

~ With Padded Wrist Rest ~

Adds Comfort To
Your WebTV Surfing!
Our Price ~
Only $29.95
"The Best Thing To Happen To WebTV
Since The Wireless Keyboard"

So Versatile!... Also use for:
Laptop Computers, Reading,
Writing, Eating & Crafts

Ideal For Lounging...
  • IN BED
Includes Built-In

DELUXE Top Quality Lap-Desk gives you comfortable support for your WebTV Keyboard. Also allows you to relax in a recliner with your keyboard in your lap. Tapered, LAP-CONFORMING "Bean Bag" pillow base provides an adjustable angle for lining up your keyboard with your WebTV Terminal.

Built-In Padded WRIST REST is ergonomically designed to increase your comfort and decrease fatigue.

Two NON-SKID pads keep keyboard in place. Rigid Molded Top includes pencil trays, a center writing area and a carry-handle.

Durable Canvas wrist rest and bean bag for years of service.

Dimensions: 18.75 x 14.5 x 3.75 (keyboards sold seperately)

Our Price: $29.95 (+ s&h)

TV/WebTV Remote Controls!

Sony / Philips / Samsung / Universal
Hand Held TV / WebTV
Remote Control
Blowout Prices!
$9 - $29
Remotes Operate Your TV And


Compatible With:
PLUS Units. Also Sony Classic W150, Microsoft Dish 7100, 7200 and Ecostar 500.

NOT Compatible With:
P/M MAT960 or Sony W-100 Classic.

Our Price:
(+ s&h)

Units Only

Compatible With:
Will operate ALL Philips - Philips/Magnoavox WebTV Plus Terminals.

NOT Compatible With:
This unit is not compatible with Philips Classic Terminals.

Our Price:
(+ s&h)

For PLUS &
Classic Units!

Compatible With:
This unit will operate ALL SONY WebTV Classic And PLUS Terminals.

NOT Compatible With:
This unit will not work with NON-SONY Brand WebTV Terminals

Our Price:
(+ s&h)
Will operate nearly all TV sets with remote control capability.

Affordable COLOR Printer For Your WebTV!

Model Z12
Our Price ~
Compatible With Every WebTV Brand!

FREE Bonus:
Includes Printer
Cable- $20 Value!

Lexmark Z12 Color Jetprinter- For WebTV! The Lexmark Z12 Color Jetprinter offers home users and students premium photo quality printing at a value price. Features the unique Accu-Feed process which virtually eliminates paper jams. Plus, the top paper feed feature offers hassle-free paper loading. Premium Photo Quality- Vibrant Color Images. Compatible with EVERY brand of WebTV & MSN TV Terminal! [Compatible with: Sony INT-W150, INT-W200, INT-W250 Philips MAT965, MAT972, MAT976 RCA RW2100, RW2110, RM2100 Mitsubishi WB-2001, Samsung SIS-100] Carries one year factory warranty. Also PC & Mac compatible- offers USB & Parallel ports and installation CD-ROM.

Our Price: $69.95 (+ s&h)

We also have PRINTER ADAPTORS For older Philips Classics!

Canon COLOR Printer For Your WebTV!

Model BJC-2130
Our Price ~
Only $69.95
Compatible With Every WebTV Brand!

.. Includes Printer Cable &
.. 1 Print Head / Ink Cartridge.
The Canon BJC-2130 is the perfect choice for WebTV users. The compact size fits on or near your WebTV Terminal, and the stylish "Stealth-Black" color is similar to your WebTV. Prints crisp letters, full-color Web pages and beautiful photos.

So Versitile!
Also uses these
Canon Specialty Papers:

Artist Canvas, Back Print Film, Banner Paper, Brilliant White Paper, Bubble Jet paper, Fabric Sheets, Glossy Photo Cards, Glossy Photo Paper, Greeting Cards, High Gloss Film, High Resolution Paper, Magnet Sheets, Bubble Jet transparencies, T-shirt transfers.

Printer is Brand-New & Boxed. It didn't have any Print Head / Ink Cartridges that are normally included... So we have added a compatible Black Print Head / Ink Cartridge, AND a WebTV Compatible Printer Cable at no additional cost. Color Print Head / Ink Cartridge not included.

1 Year Canon Factory Warranty

Our Price:
$69.95 (+ s&h)

WebTV Compatible Digital Camera
~ For ALL WebTV Plus Units ~

Get MORE From Your WebTV!
Blowout Price ~
E-Mail Photos to Family & Friends...
add Photos to Your Web Pages!

....Digital Technology-
....Never Needs Film
The RCA CDS-1005 Digital Still Camera works exactly like a regular camera except it Never Needs Film!... Pictures are stored in the 2MB internal memory.

Stores up to 32 high quality pictures. You can view your photos on your television... And you can transfer your photos into your WebTV Plus Unit by using a single connector cable (included).

Want Special Effects?- You can load your pictures directly into many online Image Tools like Image Magick. Many Web Hosts, such as WTV-ZONE & Dream Server allow photo uploading directly from the camera into your file manager.

(2 MB Internal Memory, Built-In Flash, Self-Timer, Auto Exposure and Auto White Balance, WebTV Compatible NTSC Output. Includes Wrist Strap & All Needed Cables. Also PC Compatible- with Software & USB Output for Faster Downloads. 2 AA batteries not included)

These are Actual Photos submitted by
RCA CDS-1005 Digital Camera owners

Nature Scene

Click To
View Image

Chevy Camaro

Click To
View Image

Our Price: $69.95 (+ s&h)

This WebTV-Compatible Digital Camera Is
"Refurbished To New" By RCA.

~ Click Here ~

To Learn Why Refurbished
Is NOT A "Dirty Word"...

Sony WebTV Terminal 66% Off Retail!
Sony WebTV: Classic INT-W150
Blowout Price ~
Only $49.95
Sony's Suggested Price: ~ $150.00 ~ Compare
Our Price: SALE... $49.95

.... Click For More Info & Specs
Delivers The Internet into your living room! WebTV connects to any TV and a standard phone line. Discover the exciting new world of electronic information, E-Mail, and entertainment!... All without a computer. Six Personalized User Accounts allow up to six family members to have their OWN E-Mail. Hand-Held Remote Control (included) allows you to "Surf The Net" from your favorite chair! Adults can surf in complete privacy... and can choose options to prevent kids from viewing objectionable material. WebTV internet service is a low monthly fee.

Our Price: $49.95 (+ s&h)
With Wireless Keyboard: $69.95 (+ s&h)

Sony WebTV PLUS Terminal
Sony WebTV PLUS: INT-W250
Our Price ~
Upgrade To PLUS!

This Item Is

.... Click For More Info & Specs
The popular, hard to find Sony W250 WebTV PLUS Internet Terminal. The latest and greatest in WebTV technology! "Web-in-Picture" feature even on TV without picture-in-picture! Call-waiting capability; interrupts your web session to receive call, then picks up where you left off! Parental controls to filter out mature content. Supports up to 6 users (6 separate e-mail addresses) Printer port supports compatible printers. One Touch VCR Recording. SO Much More!

Our Price: $129
(+ s&h)

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You can have this same FAITH in a REFURBISHED item... It ALSO comes to you from The Factory.

So... What does it mean?

It means The Factory has handled the product twice; Each item is examined INDIVIDUALLY and, if necessary, repaired and RESTORED TO "BRAND-NEW" Condition, given detailed testing and inspection, and then placed back into the marketplace... With a Warranty

Why back to The Factory?

Some stores return merchandise to The Factory that customers have returned to them... Even if the item was never opened. Factories also get merchandise returned to them if a part or instructions are missing. In some cases products are returned due to a problem that appears during the warranty period. As stated above each item is tested, and if necessary restored to Brand-New.

What about WARRANTY?

Most "NEW" products offer a 1 year warranty- which you'll usually never need. Most refurbished items offer a 3 Month Warranty... NOT beacuse they are inferior, or will not LAST AS LONG... but simply because The Factory has already invested more money in the product as a result of having to restore it so they limit the warranty to limit the OVERALL CHANCE that they'll spend even more as the result of a longer warranty.


Famous Brands Have Their Reputations To Uphold... NOTHING Leaves Their Factories Unless They Are 100% Certain Their Customer Will Be Happy!

~ "Refurbished" ~

Order With Confidence!

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