... How to Connect your Digital Camera to a WebTV Plus ...

The RCA CDS1005 WebTV Compatible Digital Camera can be connected directly to your WebTV Plus, or to a VCR that has been connected to your WebTV.

The included video cable that is used to connect the digital camera to your WebTV or VCR will have a BLACK CONNECTOR on one end of the cable, and a YELLOW CONNECTOR on the other end (See Photo Below).

This cable is the ONLY type of cable that can be used to connect your digital camera to WebTV. The "Serial Cable" (RS232) cable and the "USB Cable" are NOT compatible with your WebTV... these are used only when connecting the camera to a computer.

  1. When initially connecting the video cable to your WebTV or VCR, Power Off the WebTV, and any connected component (TV, VCR, etc.), Then UNPLUG all units (if a surge protector is used, only that one switch will need to be turned off).
  2. Attach the Black End of the video cable to the Video In Jack on the back of your WebTV or VCR.
  3. Do NOT turn camera On Yet. Attach the Yellow End of the video cable to the Video Jack on the side of the Camera.
  4. Plug-In and then Turn-On your WebTV and any other components you unplugged.
  5. Once Logged On to your WebTV turn the Camera Power On.